Yay! So glad you received your gift...

Now you must watch the video below:

Never thought you'd be looking forward to pooping so much, did ya?! Squatty Potty will do that to ya. And yes, I've already pictured you using it. :)

Sure, you may have already seen this, or even already have one, which in that case you can pay it forward. But I thought you were worth making sure!

Anyways, back to the card. You're one of a very few, from a select group I've sent this to, that I consider to be a close and important part of my life, and someone who I admire, appreciate, and look forward to keeping as a part of my innermost circle.

Taking a moment to reflect on the top things you really do care deeply about, and top things that reaaaally don't matter in the larger scheme of things, can do wonders with time and attention. Ok, I'm projecting a bit.

After having done this exercise for myself, I tacked it up next to my creative space as a daily reminder. Here are mine:

I give a shit about:

Living. Breathing with intention. Bean, Lenisa, and my family. You. My dear friends. Authenticity. Intention. Action. The condition of the soul. Keeping my health up. Continually defining and striving for my sense of purpose and passion. Shaping the world around me. My insatiable need to express myself and get weird. Making FUN of everything. Always learning. Fulfilling promises. My character. Trying something new. Improving my craft(s). My workspace. Using powers for good. Helping and giving to someone in need. The condition of our culture, especially with today's youth. Experiencing the world. Keeping a fresh perspective. The uncertainty and fear I get to face when embarking on an adventure. Spelling. Surrounding myself with cupfillers & people who give a shit.

There's a lot to give a shit about really...

I don't give a fuck about (or strive not to):

Opinions. Yesterday. Normality. Formalities. Asking for permission. Getting told "no". Locked doors. Barriers. Not being good or prepared enough to start. Failure. Solitude. Asking dumb questions. Comfort levels. Horseradish. Filters. Political correctness. Political anythingness. Uncertainty. Not knowing what life looks like a month out, a week out, an hour out. Perception. Titles. Celebrity'ism. Class separation. Horseradish. That I repeated myself. Red lights and stop signs at 3am. Cupsuckers. That I have the body of Kate Moss.

You get the picture. 

If you fill yours out and are willing to share with me, I'd love to learn a new thing or two about ya. You can either email me directly, shoot me a pic of your filled out card, or send it through the form below if it's easier. No pressure though, I'm just happy ya got the dang thang and get to give a shit easier.

Happy holidays, stoked for what's in store for 2016!

<3 KK

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And if you haven't had enough, of course there is an awesome remix + song for the video above: