Intricadoodle Crazy

"On Safari" (click to enlarge!) - 3'x5' - Acrylic/Latex on canvas

Really want to thank Tim for commissioning my latest 5 foot canvas. I wish the detail on screen could convey the presence of this beast.. The under sketch is an iridescent silver that has a cool metallic sheen in the light, and there is definitely a little hidden riddle doodled. Twas fun and I'm now in full doodle mode with tons of blank canvas!

Here are some detail shots of some characters at actual size, as well as a relative size shot of the whole canvas. (Click to enlarge)

Also while I was down in California, I picked up a 2ft x 3ft canvas to doodle up for Danielle, as well as 2 5x7inch canvases that I was able to knock out.

Intricate Conception (click to enlarge) - 2'x3' - Acrylic/Latex on canvas

5"x7" - Acrylic on canvas

5"x7" - Acrylic on canvas

I have much more blank canvas just screaming at me... I'll update soon!