The Daily 11

Banner by Adam Laurie

A resolution for 2011 was to doodle every single day. It turns out that 4 of my friends had that same resolution, so we decided to put together a blog called 'The Daily 11'.

In the past, it's been known that us creatives claim that we will do a daily contribution and keep up with it, but alas life gets in the way and we fail.

We need some accountability, harassment & encouragement!

That's why Dan Savage, Adam Laurie, Mihai Cernusca, Bryan Perozo and myself have made a blood oath that we will indeed do at least one doodle, zombie or take one new picture and post it here each day. 3 strikes and we fail. Last man standing gets everlasting life.

Please feel free to harass, encourage and crit to give us the juices to follow through to the end of the year!


I will post all of my week's submissions at the end of each week here, but you can see all of ours posted daily on the other blog.

Check it out at

Here was my Jan 1st doodle of the 4 of them haunting me to DRAW!