I ran out of toilet paper

As I reached over for some TP, I was greeted by a cardboard tube. Usually at this point, I panic. However this time I immediately got excited, given that I had just seen Evan Spiridellis's (JibJab / Storybots) freak'n awesome TP roll sculptures, both of General George Washington (with horse!), and a selfie. How could I not get inspired? I'll never throw away another tube again. 

I jumped up quick to get started my own TP selfie... not entirely sure if I ever got around to finding a new roll. @_@




Materials used:

  Head: Green foam for head, 1/8" foam for eyes and mouth, 1/4" craft foam ears and nose, faux fur for hair, gesso and acrylic

  Body: TP roll, felt for the pocket and hoodie, string for pull strings, wire and tape for arms, gesso and acrylic, extra large popsicle sticks for pants and feet, light + socket


   2 late nights


2 hot glue gun mishaps resulting in melting and bubbling flesh 

The light works and is wired into the sculpture

The "selfie" is loosely based off of my Freak'n Genius illustration: