Q: What is your work environment like?

Q: What is your work environment like?

This is probably the most commonly asked question that I receive. I can empathize with an interest on the behind-the-scenes of how a creative person immerses themselves and what and is conducive to working on creative projects.

I always find myself tweaking and add/subtracting elements in my space to keep my thoughts fresh and plentiful. I may cycle material or move all of the furniture around to achieve that different perspective. Most of my current work is done in my bedroom setup, but my larger and messier work is done out in my studio on my property.

When you walk into my room, you'll be greeted with a few selected pieces of artwork that inspires me, mostly from other artists I admire. I try not to have too much of my own stuff around, as I find myself constantly growing and I start to really critique my work, which isn't what I want for an environmental setting. I put a lot of emphasis and organization into my book library which I can always turn to for resources and helping break my stale mode of thought. I have a handful of my favorite vinyl toys scattered around to help keep it fun and light. Also framing prints or hanging canvases/sculptures adds some flavor to the walls.

However when I come up to my work station, I don't like to have any figurative, pre-done art/characters in my peripheral view. I like shapes and limited color, which I think helps me not be too influenced and is more of an association through the abstract. Behind my workstation, I open up my windows to allow for lots of natural light that overlooks my orchard where I get to take in lots of nature. Abrupt and manufactured noise (mostly cars/planes, but people talking too) can really stump my creative flow when in my home space. At work I love the creative energy and noise that's being created, it's a much different mindset than mindless chatter and machinery around the house.

A good resource to how to set up your work space to be a creative haven is The Common Desk. You won't regret watching!




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