Murdered out

The next Jeep mod was doing a full vehicle tint. I took it to the group at Las Vegas Auto Tint & Graphics, and they did an incredible job. Gordon is a long time film veteran who did all of the precise cutting with just a freestyle hand, and made strong stylistic suggestions that I couldn't help but agree with. Maggie and Brandi also did a great job helping Gordon with some of the more tricky spots.

We ended up putting 18% over the back half, on top of the factory tint, so it matches closely to the 5% limo tint we did to the front half. We also put a thick 5% strip across the windshield for more light/heat protection.

Pretty happy with how it turned out! Now to just remember to keep my Optometrist's note in the car in case I get hassled for being darker than legal... 

The windshield and anti-glare strip

Seeing the difference of no tint vs limo tint from the inside

Now the next test is taking it out at night. I'm not going to lie, it's really dark from the inside.

Check out some of the process shots of Gordon applying the tint film