Intricadoodle - Puzzle

For 11 years I've been wanting to turn my 'intricadoodle' style of characters into a puzzle. At the time, I couldn't wrap my head around the production process. But now with having access to a laser, I gave it a shot as a gift for JibJab's CEO, Gregg Spiredellis.


Original sketch:

Making it vector in Illustrator: 

Under the laser:

Mounting the back:



Kevin Leneway and I have been busting our asses on our new startup 'Giant Thinkwell' since March. It has been such an incredible journey up to this point and it's only gaining momentum. We've been blessed with the energy and support of our spouses, families, friends and the tech/investor communities in Seattle, LA and San Francisco. We truly appreciate each meeting, insight, introduction, investment, and support that each of them has given. Without it, Giant Thinkwell would not be doing close to what we're doing today. We have huge things on the horizon and are cranking away until our ideas are fully realized!

Thanks again for all of the love and support! Happy Thanksgiving.

Macbug doodle

Haven't updated in ages, as I've been inundated with awesome projects (and somewhat lazy with hitting submit). Can't wait to divulge what I've been up to! Definitely the best chapters of my creative life thus far.

This was a quick doodle this evening on my default Mac wallpaper.


Agata Collabo

This was a quick little character collab w/ Giant Thinkwell illustrator Agata Jelen.

Life has been quite busy with Funko stuff that I've done very few illustration projects in the last couple months. I started building my audio studio and have been spending countless hours mashing around, learning how to make noise. I'll post up specifics and my attempts at said noise here soon!

Also there are 3 art shows in February that I will be contributing to and will surely post up the pieces when done.

Rayola - ColorInk Book


(Click to enlarge)

Here's a quick little render I did for this DIY periodical called "ColorInk Book". There are some awesome artists with awesome submissions for you to color up! I highly suggest picking one up.

They have a character called 'Rayloa' that frequently an artist's take applied to him. This is my take, with lots of gradient lovin' of course!

Here is the wireframe of the gradients in Illustrator:

(Click to enlarge)

The initial sketch:

Be on the lookout for the next issue if you'd like to color up some of my doodles 'n characters!