DeathMath - T.A. McCann

Huge thanks to T.A. for his insight and time given to the DeathMath team during Startup Weekend Edu! Over the course of TechStars and various startup events, I've heard hundreds of talks with incredible brain dollops of wisdom, yet am still inspired and educated when people like T.A. just continue to dish the good stuff. You can't be around these people and not understand why they are successful in life.

Oh yeah, watch this and get inspired! (Shot by the one and only Mike Folden)


Zombie Henson/Muppets

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Not sure why I never posted this, but for Halloween I was Zombie Jim Henson, my buddy Mike was Zombie Kermit and his gf Priya was Zombie Miss Piggy. We had a blast putting together the costumes (and latex!) and Mike, being the sexy awesome photographer he is, set up a little shoot. I just went to Mike's solo show last night to see my creepy mug larger than life, framed along the wall. It was awesome.

You can see more of Mike Folden's photography here.