intriKaboom - PDX Show!

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This last weekend was the Bridgetown Hustle at Nemo in Portland. It was an amazingly well curated show by Ben Guernsey and it was packed out! This project has by far been my largest production yet, and I somehow managed to crank it out in about 2 weeks. It included customizing a Globe 'Roll' fixie with tons in intricadoodling, along with fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark layers (imagine it riding a dark city street then getting lit up by a car's headlights! hah). I also did a 2-color cut vinyl lighted sign, a post-apocalyptic city scape background (which included painting with gasoline and lighting it on fire for mixed medias), handful of cut vinyl signage, a 6-color silkscreen poster with varnish and glow-in-the-dark overprint (printing by Ben Barry, project done about 2 years ago), 5 poster designs that got plastered all over the back wall, random installation elements and lighting, a spotlight projecting the bike theme's logo, an old WW2 500lb bomb (yes it's real, but is now emptied out, obviously)... oh yeah, and hiring a bum that I met at Plaid Pantry to hold my sign for 4hrs. I attempted to use dry ice and glow sticks to give it an ambient smoke-filled effect, however that was the only short-coming. Definitely learned some lessons!

Special thanks to Globe bikes and Nemo Design for making the show possible!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the intrikaboom posters or the bike itself (comes with a regular intrikaboom poster, and 1-of-a-kind test print of the poster), email me at