Me 'n Piggy

So as if we didn't have enough of a petting zoo around here with 3 dogs, (down to 4 rats from 28), 3 snakes, a full sized iguana, an ornate nile monitor and 4 other roommates... my brother surprised us all with a mini-potbelly boar. The boar, which I call "Piggy", my brother calls Harley (hog) and my mom calls Hamlet is only about 10 weeks old. My brother made the awesome mistake of choosing his boar from the litter by the first one he could tackle and wrangle. It's been traumatized since.

Each day I go into his pen and spend a good hour or so just laying next to him, getting him used to being touched and socialized. He's made great improvements, but if you stand up, he's on his guard. He SHRIEKS bloody murder for minutes at a time if you try to hold him (see vid of shower shriek below!). I've been working on getting him to let me put his harness on so we could bring him outside into our yard. He's been locked up in the house for 2 weeks and his skin is getting really dry and he's tearing up his nose on the carpet. Today was quiiiite an undertaking. It took about an hour to get him outside, then once outside (rant for another time) he almost got killed by my cousin's pit.. lots more trauma, but as soon as everyone left and it was just him and I, he def took a liking to being outside and got real cuddly with me. When I'd get up to leave, he'd follow me around and would even plop up on my lap. Him and I are buds.

Day 1


Day 2



Piggy has been getting friendlier w/ the dogs...