Kesterson's Gear Breakdown (with purchase links)

"What camera do you use?" "What lens is that?" "What does your setup look like?"

These are regular questions that I always love answering to help people find what tools may work for them in unlocking their own passion in photography. As I further continue to explore and develop my craft, I'm always playing with different gear, formats, styles, subjects, and more. Lately, I've really been getting interested in flash photography. Without flash photography and just using the light available to me, my eye has learned to be quick and reactive to just capture the composition. But with getting to control the light, where it's placed, how strong, how focused, or even it's color, it has started unlocking a new way to see and create. Now I'm starting to see images form in my mind before they exist in front of me, and with that, I then set up light to recreate what my imagination sees... I love it!

That said, I've been working on a new project for Freak'n Genius called, Models & Monsters, where I'm pushing my creative limits in combining photography, illustration, storytelling, and product, geared towards a deep and meaningful conversation. You can get ahead of the pack and start following @ModelsMonsters on Instagram, or sign up for the newsletter to get sneak peeks.

With all of the questions I regularly receive, I wanted to put together my latest gear setup in what I travel and shoot with. Gear and bag list with purchase links at the bottom, below the sample image.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on any of the gear I'm using. 

Sample image at Bonnie Springs, Nevada with Lenisa Careaga

Sample image at Bonnie Springs, Nevada with Lenisa Careaga

Gear List: