Giant Thinkwell goes to Hollywood!


I don't normally chat about Giant Thinkwell related things on my blog, but life after TechStars has been a freakin' blast! If you don't know by now, Kevin and I co-founded a company called Giant Thinkwell. Our first product is called 'Raising Hollywood' and deals with celebrity-endorsed social gaming. We just got back from a trip to Hollywood where we sat down with Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster), Ashton Kutcher, JibJab's CEO Gregg Spiridellis and a handful more of really awesome people. It is way too damn exciting being an entrepreneur and there is just no way I could ever find myself clocking back in for somebody else. Oh and to answer the #1 received question that I've gotten since working on our first prototype game 'Raising Uncle Jesse', yes, we finally broke through and got to chat with John Stamos. (Thanks Nate!)