Seattle Met feature


Really fun article written by James Ross Gardner about Giant Thinkwell in March's edition of the Seattle Met.

Photos by Michael Clinard (it was his idea to make me lose the pants...)

Read the full article here: This Product Will Change Your Life


Also featured in the magazine is Matthew Inman, the talented guy behind a little site known as Great interview here: Mr. Inappropriate

Giant Thinkwell goes to Hollywood!


I don't normally chat about Giant Thinkwell related things on my blog, but life after TechStars has been a freakin' blast! If you don't know by now, Kevin and I co-founded a company called Giant Thinkwell. Our first product is called 'Raising Hollywood' and deals with celebrity-endorsed social gaming. We just got back from a trip to Hollywood where we sat down with Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster), Ashton Kutcher, JibJab's CEO Gregg Spiridellis and a handful more of really awesome people. It is way too damn exciting being an entrepreneur and there is just no way I could ever find myself clocking back in for somebody else. Oh and to answer the #1 received question that I've gotten since working on our first prototype game 'Raising Uncle Jesse', yes, we finally broke through and got to chat with John Stamos. (Thanks Nate!)